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It’s possible I might quote Carrie Bradshaw a lot. Can I help it if Sex and the City aired during my formative dating years? Is that what my problem is? Did this show set me up for failure in my own quest for love? I think I learned a lot of valuable lessons from that show! Uh oh…Houston, we may have a problem.

Well, Carrie had her happy ending. Not to say I need a man to have a happy ending. Nooo I would never say that. I’m a strong, independent woman who can heat up her own frozen pizza! Sometimes I even make my own pasta too by seasoning up some Newman’s Own pasta sauce. I should have just stopped at frozen pizza.

Anyways, I do not need a man for a happy ending (really, I don’t ;), but I’m here to mostly write about my dating adventures and mishaps, so that’s what I’ll do. Lucky you! Should be mildly interesting and vaguely reminiscent of a good time. Or it will be just a bunch of awkward ramblings. Ah well! Here goes nothing!

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