Dating Fail


Hmm?? I realize that I may need to use this title again since I often have dating fails. Maybe I can number them. This will be known as Dating Fail #1, the #1 being implied.

Guess I won’t need to pick out a cute outfit after all. The story goes that I met this guy about a month ago. An online guy. We met up twice for drinks. Nice enough guy. This guy travels a lot for work. So much so that he doesn’t even have a place in the city. He has stuff in storage, but no apartment. I didn’t realize this when I went out with him. I knew he was often overseas for work- prior to meeting up with him, he was overseas for a few months. When I met up with him, I found out he was just in town for a week before going overseas again for a few weeks. Despite this obstacle, we stayed in touch. The more I learned about his future travel plans and how little time he spent in NYC, the more apprehensive I became. However, I decided to just see what happens. Although, I didn’t think I could be more than friends with someone who didn’t seem to have a home base in NYC.

So last week he came back into town. I couldn’t see him last week since I had close family members in town and I’d be out of town for the holiday weekend. He was bummed he couldn’t see me, but was understanding and said he could be patient. He knew I’d be back Monday night and sent me a text to welcome me back, which I responded to. I texted him yesterday to ask when he would be going out of town again and found out Friday is the day. But we didn’t make plans! Sooo I guess we’re not going out? Yes, maybe I could have initiated plans and maybe he was even waiting for that, but is there even a point to it? He doesn’t seem to live here, which is kind of a problem. I’m not looking for a fling. I want somebody who can take the time needed to develop a real relationship. This guy actually sort of kind of asked me to go with him on some of his vacations he has planned, but I’ve only hung out with the guy twice. I can’t go to another country with a man I barely know, right? Well, if I did jet set with a guy I barely know, maybe it would make for a more interesting blog. I apologize to the one or two readers I might have. I’m sorry, but I can’t share a hotel with a guy whose last name I don’t even know! Maybe if I was more of a free spirit I could have, but I’m just me. I don’t own any flowy outfits so I’d never make it as a free spirit.

Well, hopefully, I will soon have an actual date to report on…until then…currently reading:


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