New Site- Literary Dates

Hey everyone!

I have a new site called Literary Dates. I hope you will come find me there! I just posted my latest tour that was inspired by the book  A Little Murder by Cindy Davis.

Please come check it out! Thank you!



5 thoughts on “New Site- Literary Dates

  1. Beautiful positing here girl. A little murder sounds very interesting. I love how you chose a book based off your favorite place. I am actually visiting Ticonderoga, NY at the end of the month. We will be hiking near Lake Champlain. Maybe I could find a thriller book about the spooky trails that surround Northern New York. Lol. You sparked my imagination here! Thank you for the insight! 🙂

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    1. Heyyy!!! Thanks so much for checking out my post! So glad you liked it! Your hiking trip sounds like it will be a blast. You should read a thriller book or anything that sounds good to you that’s set in that area. I’ve been loving exploring the worlds of the books I read. I’m glad my post could spark your imagination! That’s so cool!! 😃

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