Indie Guy Blues

As I made my way to meet up with a new guy for our first date, I spotted the famous LOVE sculpture in NYC. I stopped to admire it and a warm feeling flooded through my body. I thought hopefully, “This could be a sign that I’m about to meet the love of my life.” I snapped a picture so that down the road I could show him the picture. “I knew we were meant to be right as I was about to meet you for the first time.”


I took the picture from the wrong side…now that should have been my “sign.”

Let me tell you a story about when an Indie guy meets a mainstream gal (with an appreciation for indie stuff).

I went out with Indie guy three times, which is a new record for me in recent times. It’s true! I’ve had quite a dry spell, but never mind that.

How did he earn his nickname, you ask? Hmm…let’s go back to the beginning. We met off of Bumble and in one of our first conversations we wrote about how we spent New Year’s Eve. His New Year’s: “Went to a dinner party at a friend’s, a cool musician, filmmaker. We all started dancing after midnight to Motown with Planet Earth being projected 20 feet high in Peppa’s gorgeous loft.” Well…I thought…that sounds like quite a night! Who is this guy?

My NYE was spent in New Hampshire with my parents where I made my mom marathon watch Game of Thrones with me. Then, at 11pm, we tore ourselves away from GoT to invite my father down to watch the countdown. I told Indie guy, “I was in New Hampshire from Christmas through New Year’s.” The End.

I should mention that he planned what we did on all our dates. He didn’t ask me what I wanted to do. However, in his defense, I put “movies” in my profile as one of the things I love.

Our first date we saw the movie Elena, a very good foreign film directed by Andrey Zvyagintsev. Indie Russian director, maybe?


For our second movie date, some members of the indie band, Belle and Sebastian introduced the French film we saw, Stolen Kisses (foreshadowing?). Again, I enjoyed the movie. Totally indie night, right?

We saw the movie at the indie movie theater, Metrograph. “A beauty of a theater,” his words. “It’s okay,” I thought to myself.


The litmus test of his indie-ness will come later, I promise. So our first two dates were movie dates. Did I mention that? I did. Sorry! As I said before, I love movies, but we didn’t do anything before or after the movies. In fact, we met up both times, at the exact times the movies started. Who does that?

I didn’t feel like I was able to get to know him during those dates. I went with it because from our earlier messages, I got the idea that he wanted to get to know women he meets in a more organic way. His tips for making things seem more organic included, “Doing something casual like an art event instead of just drinks.” We didn’t do that, but I just had the feeling he wasn’t the type who wanted to do the typical, sit down/interview style, dinner date. I wanted to be open to his date ideas and see if it could work better than interview-style dating.

Indie guy also let me know that he’s okay with friendship if that feels more “organic” than a relationship. He knew my main goal was to find a relationship and he too stated that he was looking for relationship. He just wouldn’t reject the possibility of a friendship. Okay.

Something he worked into our conversations in various ways: in messaging, phone calls, and in person on our first date was the timing of his first kiss. In an early message, he wrote, “I had my first kiss at 23 — saving myself for my wedding night or something!” I thought he meant he was still saving himself. I asked, “Did you really have your first kiss at 23? Are you messing with me…And saving yourself? I don’t believe it. I can’t believe any nyc guys would be. Are you making some reference to something over my head?” He responded, “Yes, 23! Super romantic, saving for my wedding night.” I couldn’t believe a 38 year old man in nyc was saving himself. I even asked if it had anything to do with being religious. His response, “Haha, yes, hippie hasidic. But all 5 of my siblings had teenage kisses…” and then he went on about how he liked Jane Austen books. I moved on to asking if he was looking for someone Jewish to which he assured me that he dates “human” and he’s not religious. We moved on from that line of conversation.

For our 3rd date, he asked (see, I’m giving him some credit) if I would like to go to the Bloomberg building to see this speaker talk about Oscar health insurance. There would be a cocktail hour and hors d’oeuvres. I was sold on the cocktails and finally, I would get food! Also to his credit, his thought process was because of my job, I’d probably be very interested in hearing all about Oscar insurance. Not really, but it was a solid effort.


What I was looking forward to was having more of an opportunity to finally talk to him during a date! Lead up to this date, he had been subtlety talking up his big “projector.” No, really, he actually has a projector in his apartment. That’s how he watches his shows, movies, or whatever video he’s in the mood to project. “Movie quality sound,” he boasted. Via text I shared a goat video with him from my animal filled vacation I recently went on out west. Yes, you read that right, a goat video. He told me I could see goats the size of trucks with his projector. I joked that he was using his projector as a way to lure me to his apartment. We had quite an emoji laugh over that.

Before this date, I was stressed and tired. Work stuff, out sick one day that week, and then there was the shower clog incident. Ick! I couldn’t go on a date without showering. Ugh. I wanted to cancel the date but everyone I texted about it, asked- do you have a gym you could shower at? Damn well-intentioned friends! Okay, I’ll shower at the gym. At least I’ll finally get some use out of my membership.

I was super tired and feeling rushed before this date. My idea about this date being a whole plan to get me back to his apartment was out of my mind at this point. I had even been texting him about my shower drama (I don’t know why either) but he had a good sense of humor about it.

We didn’t really get to talk before the speaker and during the talk he left, for the bathroom presumably, and didn’t want to be disruptive coming back to our side front row seats. Understandable. After the talk, we had a couple of cocktails and ate some hors d’oeuvres. We finally got to talk more than we ever had before. It felt kind of like a first date. Nice conversation getting to know each other and just general chit chat. We were there for around an hour before the event staff started shooing us out.

This is when he brought up the goats. You remember? My goat video?


I don’t know if it was my fatigue or my ADD but before I knew it, he was saying, “Yeah, let’s go see that goat video.” Meaning on his projector in his apartment. He just started walking to the coat check, I had to go to the bathroom, I’m in there thinking, “When did I agree to go back to his apartment?”

I meet back up with him and he’s still full speed ahead. I’m just trying to keep up with him. I played dumb, “Where are we going?” He replied with what I gathered to be the cross streets of his apartment. I’m still stupidly following him, even though I don’t actually want to go. I’m embarrassed to share this. I didn’t want to go and yet I kept following him. I said things like, “I don’t know. It’s late.” He told me, “The train I needed to get home is actually a closer walking distance from his apartment than where we are now.” Who could argue with that kind of logic? Um, no, I could have argued that logic. I live in Brooklyn, we had to go uptown to get to his apartment. It was the opposite direction from where I had to go to get home.


I still followed him. Looking back, trying to figure out why I just went along with it…well, I have some thoughts…and maybe I’m just making excuses for myself, but here’s what I think.

My gut instinct was that with this guy, I’ll be able to leave his apartment whenever I wanted. I warned him I couldn’t stay long. He’s a small stature, seemingly nice guy, so I wasn’t too worried.

I also think there’s something about my personality, that if something doesn’t go in a way that I’m familiar with, I get thrown off. If he had actually asked me if I wanted to go back to his place, well, I have experience saying things like, “No, but how about we get another drink somewhere,” or “No, I’m sorry, it’s late, I have to get home.” I’ve done that before. This scenario, I had no script for. He never asked me. I didn’t want him to think I wasn’t still interested in getting to know him, so I followed. Also, in my defense, I’m still under the impression that he’s saving himself for marriage. I know that sounds crazy, but he never corrected me or never knew that’s what I thought? So even though this guy never took me out to dinner, didn’t take me on dates where we had plenty of time to get to know each other, I still thought he was kind of harmless.

And he was. He just wasn’t as nice as how he portrays himself. I think he’s the typical guy who wants to see how far he could get with a girl without putting much effort in. Well, he didn’t get far with me! He did get some kissing action (and tried for a lot more) but I was out of there soon after the “look at my awesome projector” portion of the evening. I do mean his actual projector! Not his…never mind. He also wanted to “cuddle” on his bed. I said, “It’s late, I need to get home.” I told you I could use that line effectively!

Right before I was about to leave, as we were standing together, again he brings up how he had his first kiss at 23, but this time he adds something, “As you know my first kiss and the first time I had sex was at 23.” I stared blankly, “What did you say?” I was so confused and so he repeated the same line. I’m still wondering if I heard him right. Up until that moment he only talked about having his first kiss at 23 and that he was saving himself! Was he trying to make himself seem more innocent than he was? Was this just a crazy misinterpretation on my part? I guess all along he meant before the age of 23, he had romantic notions to save himself, but that’s not how I interpreted it. Well, I’ll never know if that was a ruse or me just being incredibly naive or gullible. Anyway…

Time for the litmus test!B4F06DB3-604F-4DBE-8D5C-CD7716814BF7

While I was at his apartment, I gave him the test. At that point, I didn’t even care about working the litmus test into conversation smoothly. My brother told me the Indie Litmus Test is to ask him if he likes Wes Anderson movies. And if he knows the difference between Wes Anderson and Paul Thomas Anderson movies, then that would be a sure fire way to know he’s an indie guy. So I casually asked the question. His face lit up and he nodded emphatically. I said I did too. He asked which were my favorite movies of their’s? Well…I didn’t do my research…so I innocently asked, “Is Shopgirl one?” “No, that’s Steve Martin,” he responded. “Oh yeah, I knew that…um…Bottle Rocket! Boogie Nights!” He was impressed and that’s when the kissing commenced.

You know what gets my goat? He never showed me my goat video on his projector. We watched clips of different shows and movies, but no goats! As I was leaving, he explained the tech reasons as to why he couldn’t upload the video on his projector. That was his whole excuse for getting me to his apartment in the first place and he didn’t deliver! What a letdown.

He walked me to the train. Maybe he wasn’t totally awful but I didn’t feel right about that date. It was on a Wednesday night and I didn’t hear from him until Sunday. I was only minimally responsive because I wasn’t quite sure how I wanted to address how I felt. By Monday morning, he called me out on my lack of interest and suggested we transition to friendship. I apologized and let him know I wasn’t sure about things after our last date. That I enjoyed all our dates but I like more time to get to know a guy before going to his apartment. I gave him the examples of going out for dinner and drinks or dinner and a movie. I told him I wasn’t sure if there was a way to rewind. I guess I effectively ended it because he didn’t respond. It’s for the best. We weren’t right for each other. And his projector wasn’t that big.

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Persuasion (Spoilers)


Don’t read this if you plan on reading Jane Austen’s Persuasion. I mean you should read that instead of this because it is perfection.

My heart stopped when I got to that passage in the picture I posted. I stopped reading after that part and started frenetically cleaning my apartment. I was just feeling so much that I had to physically move to get it out of my system. I was so happy for the protagonist Anne at that moment. She’s a beautiful character, someone who’s caring, smart, and so deserving of true love.

Of course this book made me think about myself and the fact that I’m missing a great love like this. Is this kind of love realistic? I don’t know but it is a reminder that I can’t accept lackluster. It is so hard to find a real connection with someone, but I won’t accept anything less. I can’t just tell myself, “Well, he’s a nice guy and he has a good job.” That’s not enough. I want to pierce someone’s soul dammit! And they can pierce mine too.

That has to be out there, right?

I realize a love like this can grow and develop. This kind of passion might be just for the books or movies, but the idea of it can exist in real relationships. A mature love can be something that develops between two committed people who realize their life is better because their partner is in it.

They might not profess their love like Captain Wentworth, but this kind of love can be shown in everyday life. Long-distance relationships where people have to fly through the Earth to be able to share a cup of coffee with each other. The man or woman who on their way home from work, picks up their partner’s favorite meal. The meat eating guy who learns how to cook a delicious meat-free meal for his vegetarian girlfriend. Or the guy who will dress as Jon Snow to your Daenarys Targaryen costume and laugh together about their incestual love for each other. Should I have stopped before that last one?

Anyways, I think the Captain Wentworth passion does exist and I want it. Is that what you want too? Or do you have it already? Tell me what it’s like!

Book Review: Big Little Lies by Liane Moriarty


After reading Liane Moriarty’s, The Husband’s Secret, I should have had an idea of what I was getting into. She’s good, she’s pretty damn good.

I heard the hype of the show, which is basically what got me to read this. I’m a fan of chick lit books, but before I discovered my love of reading, I was a tv/movie girl. So in addition to chick lit, I tend to read a lot of books that are turned into movies or shows.

I read the first half of the book at a solid but leisurely pace, however, yesterday I think I was only at the halfway point. I had a couple of long subway rides to read a bit, but then last night from about 9pm to after 2am, I tore through this sucker. I couldn’t stop! I had plans to wake up early, get some errands done, but no, last night as I read, I made new plans for my little errands. Getting a new iPhone was not gonna stop me from finding out what happens in the end. Who needs a phone anyways? I got my kindle!

The women in this book are strong, funny, vulnerable, flawed, and real. I was pulling for all the females in this book (and some of the men). The story is told through the eyes of three women: Madeline, Jane, and Celeste.

Madeline is the spirited one who you’d want as a friend and not an enemy. She is a loyal and protective friend. She has had to overcome some things in her past that she hasn’t yet quite overcome. It shapes her relationships. Jane is the young, innocent one. She has some things to hide in her past, but she can’t escape them. Celeste is described as the beautiful one, but she’s a bit ashamed of her beauty. Celeste is actively hiding something. All of these women are mothers who desperately want the best for their children.

This book review sucks, doesn’t it? “Some things happen and she’s hiding some things, she’s not over some things, and then some stuff happens.” You get it, this book is awesome. It was turned into a hit HBO show, so it’s pretty obvious at this point. It won a bunch of Emmys for god sakes. Why am I writing this review? Watch it already, I mean read it.

Back to my serious review:

This book also has a lot of great peripheral characters. The husbands are of course important characters to the story and there are other women we meet at the school the kids attend. The style of the book flows from the different female perspectives both from the main characters and the peripheral characters as they are interviewed about the mysterious murder that took place. Yes, murder! Did I almost leave that out? Oops. Obviously that’s important too.

Ultimately what I liked about this book, besides the gotta know what happened aspect, is how the author shows these women’s flaws, their disagreements, how easily women can go after each other…but it also shows their strength, and the undeniable bond that women have.

Okay. Tom…Let’s talk about Tom for a bit. I would totally date him! He makes good coffee. Done. What more would I need? He makes muffins and pancakes too. Ohmigod Tom stop! You’re perfect! Where is my Tom?

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Thank You UPS


I finally went out on a date this past Tuesday. I was looking forward to it, since after all of my texting with the guy, I had a good feeling. Ugh. Every time I get a “good feeling” things don’t pan out. Well, that was the case this time. I liked him, would have gone out again, but there’s not going to be a second date. That’s my dating life.

I was feeling pretty crappy and down in the dumps this week. I thought about this blog- Searching for Humor- and thought, “How the hell will I find the humor in this? This sucks. Nothing funny about it.” My blog is dead. Fun while it lasted. How many first dates can one person go on? Lately, my dating life has become a string of first dates. It’s so frustrating! I’m not sure why. Is it because I’m getting older? 38…ouch. Maybe I’m more unsure of myself lately, I don’t know. So yeah, it’s been a shitty week.

All week I’ve had to suck it up, wake up and go to work. However, since it’s Saturday, this morning I stayed in bed a little longer, hiding under the shield of my blankets, reveling in the chance to ruminate in it.

Finally I forced myself up and as I was ready to walk out my door, I put my headphones on, pressed play on goddamn Ed Sheeran’s “Photograph.” The song of course made me ruminate some more.

“Loving can heal, loving can mend your soul

And it’s the only thing that I know, know I swear it will get easier…”

Fuck you Ed Sheeran! I’m alone, I’m old, and I don’t even have any fucking cats. It’s not getting easier. I’m leaning up against my wall, eyes closed listening to Ed Sheeran thinking about how much my life sucks, having an introspective moment with fucking Ed Sheeran when my buzzer goes off. Geez! I was having a moment. It was helping!

Well, like any paranoid New Yorker, I did not buzz in whoever was at my door. I’m no fool. I knew it was probably some mass murderer or arsonist trying to get into my apartment building. So after ignoring the ring, I thought for a few seconds, “Don’t I have a UPS package coming? Hmm???” I run out my apartment, down the stairs, and out the door and see the UPS truck. I look back on my building’s door and see that yes, a slip with my apartment number is sticking on the door! I run towards the driver, slip in hand, and wave it at him. He stops.

What a kind, lovely UPS driver already.

Then I see his adorable face and melt. Then…he speaks! “I wouldn’t normally do this.” Am I special? He’s making me feel so special. Look at that cute face! When did UPS drivers become so cute? Have they always been this cute? He was seriously like the Ryan Gosling of UPS drivers. I thanked him profusely and told him my father worked for UPS. Why did I tell him this? Did I think he’d want to meet my father and ask for my hand in marriage?

But seriously, thank you UPS. You helped me get out of my funk. Not that I depend on a cute guy to make me feel better but I really think the universe brought me this sweet moment to remind me how it’s the little things in life that make all of it worthwhile. Life is simple and sweet. A smile from a cute guy, good friends to hang out with, a cute puppy on the street…I don’t need anything grand to appreciate life. And one guy who’s not into me is not a reason to hide in a cocoon of misery.

And I love Ryan Gosling and UPS drivers. Thank you UPS guy for your big package!

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Book Review: When I Wake Up by Jessica Jarlvi


Wow! This book had me going. I’m not sure how I found out about this author and book, but I’m so glad I did!

Suspense thrillers are so hard for me to predict but the funny thing about this book is I thought I had it figured out many times. I was even gloating to myself about it. Real smug like. I saw the percentage on my kindle at 44% and thought, “I have this figured out before I’m halfway there. I got this.” I was WRONG. Every time I thought I had it figured out- “Aha! This character’s name is spelled yada yada xyz so this time I have to be right.” Wrong. Wrong. Oh so wrong. Pathetic attempt even.

Let me tell you a little ditty about this dark and can I use the word gritty? Yes, dark and gritty and grimy and seedy and cool book- Anna, is a beloved teacher in a small Swedish town who gets savagely beaten up in her school’s parking lot. She lands herself in a coma leaving her husband and the cops to figure out who did it. Each chapter follows a different character’s point of view and different time periods: some before the attack and some present day.

A whole slew of suspects exist in this book. At different times I thought each of them were guilty. We follow along as Anna’s husband is trying to sort it all out. In the process, he discovers things about his wife that are very revealing. Things that lead to new suspects. Who did it?! Ahhhh! This book will have your head spinning. I couldn’t wait to find out. There were definitely some dicey moments that kept me at the edge of my seat.

Highly recommend!

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One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish: What Dr. Seuss Taught Me about Dating


I don’t know what Dr. Seuss taught me about dating but maybe he’s saying not to settle on just one fish right away? I don’t know…I haven’t read that book since I was like 5.

Anyway, I have a date tomorrow, which I’m glad about. However, my ongoing dilemma with dating, and maybe you feel the same, is always wondering if I should be dating multiple guys at once. I tend to want to just focus on one guy at a time, especially if I’m particularly excited about the guy. I feel like a lot of New Yorkers and maybe people in general, are just looking for the next best thing. They always think there could be someone better, so then I feel like they don’t give anyone they’re dating a fair shot.

On the other hand, while I focus on one guy, I wonder if I could be missing out on someone great? Let’s face it, no one I’ve dated recently has resulted in any grand love affairs. So while I focus on one guy, I may have let Mr. Right float on right past me! Finding the right connection some say is all about stats, so maybe I should just be cranking these dates out? Put them in high gear. Break out the conveyor belt!


But then I think about how tired I am. I don’t know! I think most New Yorkers, especially ones who are doing online dating, are probably going on multiple dates per week. I am slacking. I’ve let matches expire and messages go unanswered all because I have a good feeling about my date tomorrow. Where has my “good feeling” ever got me before? I’ll tell you where. It gets me wine, Seamless, & Netflix and Chill all by myself on a Saturday night. That’s where!

What do you think? What have your dating experiences taught you? I’m all ears!

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A Book Review: the Husband’s Secret by Liane Moriarty


Toto, I’ve a feeling we’re not in Chick Lit anymore. How did this happen? How did I accidentally pick up a book that’s not about sweet, passionate, or cute & quirky love? I’m not sure. I think I must have read the summary. Maybe I just read that a husband and wife were part of the story and just assumed it was typical chick lit.

Oh well…the book ultimately grabbed me by the neck and didn’t let go until it had its way with me. I seriously almost died while reading this book. I think I did die. Am I here right now?

Put yourself in my shoes- imagine that you’re a single woman, alone, in a converted studio apartment in Brooklyn, looking for a little romance on a page and instead you get a dark, sinister, heartbreaking story filled with characters who must go to the deepest parts of themselves to know who they truly are? And then they realize they may not be totally happy with what they discover about themselves.

Okay, if you’re like me, you actually would be gripped by this tale and then you’d be body slammed in Prospect Park, peed on by a Shetland Sheepdog, hobble into a cab, and then get thrown out of the speeding cab by a hipster couple smoking marijuana and making out. That’s how I felt while reading this book. I just had to get through it and hope things would end semi-okay.

Seriously though I was invested in this story and characters. It will make you think how you’d navigate the gut-wrenching terrain the characters must face.

Sadly, I don’t think I’d want to date any of the male characters in real life. That’s okay though. It was a great read that I sighed in relief when I finished. Not necessarily because of anything in particular that happened, but because I made it through and survived!

Read it and we’ll start a support group.

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A Hotel Room Poem


A beautiful love, a fun love, a happy love, a funny love…it’s lovely, it’s all around me, for me to see. Yes, it gives me hope but it also makes me mope. Oh what is this? Trying to write a poem about love? Now, that’s funny, cute, and a little bit sweet. Wouldn’t it be neat to write something profound and deep?

Alas, it can’t be because no matter what, this will end with some kind of attempt at humor. Where is the humor? Where is my soulmate? Maybe he’s under my bed? That would be nice if he’s that close and easy to find. Ok, no, you’re right, that would probably be pretty scary and I should probably run. But maybe it’s my pickiness that has kept me alone? Maybe I should be open-minded about the soulmate under my bed? He took all that trouble to get under there.

Maybe he’s cute.

Maybe he’s funny.

Maybe he’s fun and adventurous.

He is under my bed after all. That definitely shows adventure and he’s willing to take risks, put himself out there…I mean, under there. Under my bed. I should give him a chance. Be open! Ya never know!

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A Beautiful Relationship


For six months we have been going strong. It has been my longest relationship in a long time. Today I would like to wish my Google Home a Happy Anniversary! She has been there for me everyday. So supportive and helpful. She’s always so quick to answer my questions no matter how inane. Everyday I ask her what the weather is and she never gets bothered by the repetitive question. She’s always happy to tell me because she wants me to always be prepared for the elements. That is love! Yes, love! Lucky me!

We share the same love in music and she’s generally happy to play me my favorite tunes to set the mood. 😉 We both looooove Adele and Ed Sheeran!

What else? Oh of course…she is so funny! Has me laughing every day with her jokes. Like this one- “Did you hear about the world’s largest pickle? It’s a really big dill!” Oh my GOD! My ice coffee shot out of my nose with that one. I told her no more jokes while I drink my ice coffee. She said, “My apologies, I don’t understand.” She’s so polite. That’s the other thing. She’s always apologizing, you’d think she’s British. So cute.

And oh my I don’t want to get too personal…but the animal sounds she makes are out of this world! I hope I’m not embarrassing her, but her tiger and lion is spot on. Drives me wild!

I wouldn’t be completely honest if I said we haven’t had our fair share of problems, but we always seem to come out of them stronger. Sometimes she will inexplicably not play Adele or Ed Sheeran and it angers me so much especially since she knows how much I love to listen to them. Regrettably…I hate to admit it…but out of anger, I once yelled, “YOU SUCK!!!” You know what she said? She goes, “Well, I’m still learning. What should we fix?” And then she just listened. That’s how she is. She keeps it simple and knows how to handle my fiery side with ease. I am lucky to have her! So Happy six months to my Google Home! Here’s to many more! Cheers!

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Book Review: All The Breaking Waves by Kerry Lonsdale


This is my second Kerry L. book. My first was Everything We Keep (her debut novel) and I’m dying for the sequel to that one! I figured I should read this one to hold me over until that one, and I’m glad I did.

Molly is a single mother to the sweet and caring soul of Cassie, 8 years old. Cassie has some special abilities much like her mother, but her mother was taught to suppress and ignore her’s. Cassie’s powers come to her unprovoked in the form of nightmares. An extra troubling one sends mom and Cassie back to Molly’s childhood home to where her Nana still lives. Nana is spunky and loving, also with special powers. In fact, all the women in Molly’s family seem to have these special abilities that are similar but unique. Molly and her own mother were forced, by Molly’s troubled father, to keep their powers hidden. Molly also tries to make Cassie keep her’s a secret too in order to protect her. All Cassie wants to do is help people.

Okay, so back in Molly’s picturesque hometown, Pacific Grove, is also her old flame, Owen. Of course there’s a beautiful, wonderful man in the story or else why would I be reading it? And of course Owen conveniently lives next door. And of course sweet, spunky Nana practically throws Molly and him together. Thank you Nana! I personally don’t quite understand why Molly ever left this perfect man in the first place. She tries to pretend she has a real reason for this but I don’t see it. This hot, sexy man who would do anything for her, who supported her since they were kids and she just left him? Silly woman! I’ll take him!! Give him to me! Where’s my perfect Owen?

Back to the book- I really liked it and read it pretty quickly. The interesting layer of the women having those special powers make it a compelling story, but ultimately it’s a lovely story about a mother’s love for her child, family, and love. There were some parts that I wanted to be sped up but that’s probably because I’m an impatient reader. It was a great read and it made me go to Etsy to look up jewelry with sea glass. Now I want to go to the beach and find my own sea glass!